Youth Lemonade Stand Program


Youth Lemonade Stand Program

To encourage entrepreneurship in our local youth, we support the Youth Lemonade Stand Program. This program allows one youth or youth group, ages 12 and under, to vend at a lemonade stand per market.

In the spirit of actual business ownership, the stand can be reserved for $0.50 (due on the day of the event). The child or youth group has to make, market, and sell their drinks at the stand from 10:00 am to 12:30pm or 8:30am to 12:30pm on Saturdays.

The market will provide a stand with a board for signage. Youth are responsible for their booth to truly experience creating a farm stand. If desired, they can provide an additional table, chair, signage, or stand décor. A canopy is available from the market board. Security weights are required for safety if the youth bring their own canopy. This stand is for selling drinks only (no food or craft items). Drinks can be homemade or a mix.

This is great for fundraising or helping youth with money management skills. Sign up your child or youth group today!

Youth Lemonade Stand Program Online Application

Healthy and Safety Requirements

1. Drinks only (no food items or craft items). Lemonade can be homemade or a mix. Hot drinks are approved during cooling morning months.
2. Hand washing station is the best way to prevent the spread of disease. Hand sanitizers should not be used as a replacement for hand washing. A hand washing station is available at the market and should be used regularly for cleaning hands and utensils
3. Ice must be kept in closed/covered containers and dispensed with a clean utensil. Ice used for consumption with drinks must be stored separately from ice used to keep beverage containers chilled


A parent/guardian (or another responsible adult that you have approved) must assist and supervise your child.

Set up is an hour to half an hour before the youth’s vending time.