Meet the Market Manager 2023

After immersing herself in Seattle’s culture, food, environment, education, and community for the last 15 years, Lori returned home to Owen County in 2022 with her husband, Dail, cat, Butters, and her tarantula, Adelita. Lori hit the ground running, working at DePauw University’s Hartman Center for Civic Engagement, assisting students with their commitment to service […]

Projects: Creating Herb Gardens

(Printable Creating Herb Gardens)  Inspiring Aromatic Adventures Herbs arouse kids’ curiosity and interest because they thoroughly engage the senses. What better motivator for student investigations than plants that feel cool, smell great, and can turn mere tomatoes into pizza sauce? Their life stories, it turns out, are fascinating too. After all, these humble plants were […]

Farmers Market Fun for Kids

Encourage Healthier Eating Habits Shopping at the local farmers market is a great opportunity to experience new foods and encourage healthier eating habits in children.  When at the market, have children select one new fruit or vegetable they have never had before and then try it in a new recipe at home.  Discuss where the […]

Farm to Table Dinner

The Farm to Table Dinner is annual fundraiser for the Owen County Farmers’ Market and a great opportunity to see the community come together. Why we started the Farm to Table Dinner In 2014, the Owen County Farmers’ Market had the pleasure of hosting their first annual Farm to Table Dinner. At the heart of the dinner […]