Farm to Table Dinner

The Farm to Table Dinner is annual fundraiser for the Owen County Farmers’ Market and a great opportunity to see the community come together.

Why we started the Farm to Table Dinner

In 2014, the Owen County Farmers’ Market had the pleasure of hosting their first annual Farm to Table Dinner. At the heart of the dinner were the ideas to bring the community together and to educate people about the link between farmers, farm communities, and the food we eat.

“It was an honor to bring this event to our community,” said market board president Andrea Curry. “A community is a living entity that needs fellowship, encouragement, and support to thrive. Gathering farmers, friends, family, and neighbors around a dinner table to enjoy the food grown by local farmers is both inspirational and educational.” Farm to Table committee chairman, Amy Arnold, selected the venue of Main Street because downtown has many beautiful older building that added to the evenings scenery. The Owen County Farmers’ Market also desired to draw attention to the downtown revitalization efforts that are in progress within our community.


The event itself could not have been a success without the following support. Food for the dinner was grown local, harvest, and provided by the following individuals, farms, and businesses, many of whom also happen to be vendors at your local farmers’ market.

Volunteers and Supporters

Individuals, clubs, organizations, and businesses also displayed their support with their provision of everything from tables and chairs to dining plates, table cloths, drink dispensers, and their time as volunteers for the event.

All the donors, volunteers and supports truly do speak the wonderful community we have in Owen County. The heart of a community is the people who give to it and the Owen County Farmers’ Market is delighted to be a part of this community.


The Farm to Table Dinner menu is a four course meal with Hors D’oeuvre, Soup or Salad, Entrée (choice of meat or meatless), and Dessert.  The dinner is prepared by volunteers and supplied by local growers.

Drinks choices: Water, Tea, Coffee, or single glass of Wine produced locally.


Another treat to the dinner is entertainment provided by local musical artists.  The local artists that have played for the dinner have truly loved the sharing their talent with the community.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Owen County Farm Bureau, Inc. for their generous donation to help with expenses of the startup event.  Thanks to the donation the event has become a self-sustaining activity.

Pictured below is Kaye Erney (Secretary and Treasurer of Owen County Farm Bureau, Inc), Tom Erney (President of Owen County Farm Bureau, Inc), Andrea Curry (President of Owen County Farmers’ Market) and Amy Arnold (Market Master and Board Member of Owen County Farmers’ Market).

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