Join us for the Owen County Farmers Market season with your farm based products, garden plants, hand made crafts, and delicious foods.  The Owen County Farmers’ Market is based on vendors within a 100 mile radius of the market. It is our desire to increase interest in local foods and artisans, but we need you to be a part of the market and show all the great items available. The market needs great vendors to make it a successful season. We are desiring to expand our vendor base with more produce vendors and value added vendors and want you to join us. The market season will be 18 weeks long and we want to fill as many 10×10 booth spaces as possible.

Vendor Booth Rental Fees

  • Full Season (May-Oct) is $150.00. Payment of $15 per week will be collected till reaching the total of $150.00
  • Daily is $15.  Due on or before the Saturday the booth is rented.  If vendor decides after renting a booth for one day to participate for a full or seasonal season the rental fee will be applied to the total rental.
  • Lemonade Stand for youth 12 and under is 50 cents. Due on or before the Saturday the booth is rented.

Vendor Application

All Artisan Vendors are subject to the craft jury process and only those items approved by the jury may be sold at the market.  Vendor booth rental spaces may be limited for Artisans depending on the response of applications.

Selling Eggs at the Farmers’ Market

Requirements for shell eggs sold at a farmers market.
(1) Eggs must be clean and sound shelled (cracked eggs removed).
(2) Dealer must be licensed by Egg Board and present license upon request. (Farm Market Egg License Application from the Indiana State Egg Board)
(3) Eggs must be held under refrigeration at an ambient temperature of no greater than 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
(4) Used egg cartons may be used ONLY if relabeled with name and address of supplier of eggs.  Cardboard cartons cannot be reused.
(5) Pack date and expiration date must appear on each carton. Expiration date is 30 days from date of pack.
Contact your local Health Department for any additional requirements.
REMEMBER: Shell eggs are an animal protein product, a potentially hazardous food, and require time and temperature control.
For further information, review Rules and Regulations of the Indiana State Egg Board  or contact the Indiana State Egg Board at 765-494-8510.

Programs for Farmers’ Market Stands

The Women, Infants and Children’s Program (WIC) is a supplemental food and nutrition program funded by the US Department of Agriculture.  Program participants are given $5 checks to be used during the 2018 market season. These checks may be used on fresh fruits and vegetables sold at the market.  Vendors must complete the WIC Farmer Market Vendor Application to be approved to redeem WIC checks for produce.  Approved applications are good for 3 years and can be used at any approved Farmers’ Market as well with the Senior WIC program.  More information is available at WIC and Senior Program Master Handbook 2016 or calling 1-800-522-0874

WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program Application for farmers
2013_Farmers Market Nutrition Program Handbook


Note: The OCFM SNAP program has been suspended due to minimal use.  We are looking into options that provide a similar benefit without the complexity of SNAP.

Owen County Farmers’ Market is able to redeem Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) EBT.  SNAP offers nutrition assistance to millions of eligible, low-income individuals and families and provides economic benefits to communities.

How does SNAP affect the vendors?

  1. When a customer redeems SNAP EBT they will be given wooden tokens to buy produce or food at the market.
  2. At the end of the market day vendors can redeem the tokens for cash with the Market Manager.
  3. Vendors should not give cash change for tokens, if change is needed please see the market manager to exchange tokens for proper change.
  4. Tokens are not allowed to be used on craft or non food items.

Helpful Information

Regarding the Owen County Farmers’ Market

OCFM Rules (to request the full by-laws of the market contact our board president)

General Marketing

HEA1309-HBV – Purdue (regarding value added foods and prepared food)
Food Safety Regulations – Purdue
Guidance on Fresh Produce – Indiana State Department of Health
Guidance on Maple Syrup – Indiana State Department of Health
Guidance on Honey – Indiana State Department of Health
Guidance on Sorghum – Indiana State Department of Health
Market Health Requirements – Purdue

Meet Our Market Manager

The Owen County Farmers’ Market welcomes Tamara Bingham as the Market Manager for the 2018 season.  Tamara a seasoned participant in marketing and is passionate about the eat local movement.  We are excited to have her joining the team and helping us bring a successful farmers market to our community.

Just a Reminder to Our Vendors

Please remember that both Full and Seasonal vendors are asked to inform the Market Manager in advance of weeks they will be unable to attend the market.  This information is useful to our Market Manager for recording attendance,  planning the market days layout, and letting our customers know what will be available.

Also for those wishing to rent space on a daily (week by week) basis booth payments must be made before the start of market on the days of setting up. Also vendors must contact the Market Manager at least 48 hrs before the Saturday you plan to attend, so we can assure you a booth space.

FAQ Regarding Vending

When must contracts be submitted?

  • Contracts for full, seasonal, or daily vendors must be received at least 48 hr before your first market date. Contacts and payments may be mailed to OCFM, PO Box 650, Spencer, IN 47460 or contracts may be emailed to the Market Manager.  If emailing payment must be given to the Market Manager before setting up your stall on your first market date.

What are the scheduling requirement to vend?

  • Full season vendor are asked to contact the Market Manager when you will not be able to attend a particular Saturday.  This allows the Market Manager knowledge to fill in your space that week to keep a coherent flow to the market. Reserved spaces not claimed before 8 am may be reassigned to another vendor for that day.
  • Seasonal vendors are asked to contact the Market Master 48 hr prior to the Saturdays you will be attending so we can configure the market for that week.
  • Daily vendors that have approved contracts must contact the Market Manager at least 48 hrs before the Saturday you plan to attend, so we can assure you a booth space.  Payment is required prior to setting up your booth.

Can anyone vend?

  • Vendors must submit contracts prior to vendor for board approval.  The Board reserves the right to refuse admittance to any vendor that the Board feels does not meet the eligibility requirements or does not serve the best interests of the Market.
  • Artisan Vendors. All Artisan Vendors are subject to the craft jury process and only those items approved by the jury may be sold at the market.  Vendor booth rental spaces may be limited for Artisans depending on the response of contracts.
  • The Board and/or Market Master reserves the right to inspect any kitchen or farm of participating market vendors. We may choose to make a visit when complaints have been made to the Market Master as we deem it necessary. If following the initial inspection the Board and/or Market Master feels it is necessary they may require a State inspection by the Owen County Board of Health.

Do I need insurance?

  • Certificate of Insurance with the minimum limits of 500/1M listing the “Owen County Farmers Market” as an additional insured. This must be provided with the Value Food Addendum.  Contact your local insurance agent and ask about Farmers’ Market / Value added food policies; it is the board’s understanding that these items ARE NOT covered by your home owners policy and an additional policy is necessary.

If I am done vending before 12:30 pm can I leave?

  • Vendors are NOT permitted to close their booth before the conclusion of the market day for insurance liability reasons. Any vendor leaving the Market before the close of the day could be assessed a $50.00 fine, which is due before the next Market day.

Can I sell mushrooms?

  • Vendors will be allowed to sell commercially raised mushrooms if they provide documentation showing their source.  Wild mushrooms, such as morel or sponge mushrooms must be individually inspected and found to be safe by a certified mushroom identification expert.  If a vendor is only selling morel mushrooms they are not permitted to close their booth before the conclusion of the market day, so please be prepared to stay even if your items sell out before the end of market.

What license and permits are required?

  • Egg vendors MUST have state egg license with a copy included with contract and copy on site (Egg License Application Retail).
  • Indiana State Board of Animal health Dairy Division permit to operate as a manufactured grade milk and/or milk processor is required with vendors intending to sell diary products
  • Temporary Food Vendor Permit and/or Mobile Food Vending Permit form the Owen County Health Department is required. The Owen County Health Department has waived the permit fee for the 2014 season but does require vendor selling value added food to register for the permit.

How do I meet hand washing requirement with value added foods?

  • Rob Babbs has provide the market with a hand washing station.  This is set up near the Cafe area of the market and available to vendors and customer during the market hours.  While hand sanitizers are good the state requires even after their use that you rinse your hands in hot water when dealing with food items. So play it safe and just wash your hands with soap and HOT water after being away from your booth or situations where your hands are in contact with possible germs or dirt.
    • Potable hot and cold running water (recommend at least 100°F)
    • Suitable hand cleaner (i.e. soap)
    • A waste receptacle
    • 20 seconds of your time
    • Dry hands with disposable towel
    • A Temporary Set Up for Hand Washing may also be set up at your booth is you so desire.

What are temperature regulations for food items?

  • Cooking Temperatures are as follows.  Be very afraid of partial cooking!
  1. Cook shell eggs, fish, pork – 145oF   For 15 seconds
  2. Cook ground meat (hamburger) – 155oF  For 15 seconds
  3. Cook poultry, stuffed meats – 165oF  For 15 seconds
  • Hot/Cold Holding of Foods
  1. Hot PH foods are held 135oF or above
  2. Cold PH foods are held 41oF or below
  3. Unpackaged ready-to-eat foods are NOT stored in direct contact with ice
  4. Avoid potential cross-contamination in storage

What are health requirements for selling food items?

  • All produce is to be six (6) inches off the ground.
  • Baked goods (valued added foods) vendors wishing to sell baked goods are subject to Health Department Regulations and should meet those regulations prior to selling at market. View the “Guidance for Uniform Use of House Enrolled Act 1309” from Indiana State Department of Health for more information or the Owen County Health Department may be contacted at (812) 829-5017 or by visiting 60 S. Main Street – Courthouse (1st Floor) Spencer IN  47460.
  • Need to know STATE Requirements
    • Prepared food vendors and value added food vendors MUST carry liability insurance and provide proof of coverage to Market Master prior to vending.
    • Overhead Protection (a tent) is needed if preparing food at site
    • Egg vendors MUST have state egg license with a copy included with contract and copy on site. New labeling requirements include having your own label which covers the entire top of the carton and/or any other marketers labeling (such as reused cartons from grocery store). Information on the label is to include your name/farm name, address, phone number, date collected, and expiration date. Also eggs must be kept in properly regulated temperatures while at market which will be inspected. PLEASE BE AWARE the board has been notified that the state WILL BE inspecting farmers markets more this year and these regulations MUST be met. Also be aware that egg license expire mid market season so a renewal of the license will be necessary during the market with new license information documented.
    • Vendors with meat products must have proper labeling and meat processed at a state or federal inspected plant if selling at market. Also meat vendors must keep product in properly regulated temperatures while at market, which will be inspected.
    • Water test required for all vendors with well water. The health department is requiring vendors with well water have one (1) good water test report on file before selling at market. Free water test kits maybe be picked up at the Owen County Board of Health Department located on corner of E Market and S Washington across from the Owen County Courthouse. Test kits must be returned to Dillman Road Water plant in Bloomington. Test kits may also be found at Dillman’s for a small cost. The OC Board of Health director encourages everyone needing this test to submit it as quickly as possible so you have time to complete additional test if your well does not come back with a good report before market.
    • Rules for Add on Food Vendors including labeling and HBV (Home Based Vendor) establishments. Add on Foods are food such as cookies, jams, jellies, breads, cut vegetables, and anything prepared and individually sold. This is a 10 page document, please read carefully for all information regarding these new regulations. … view “Guidance for Uniform Use of House Enrolled Act 1309” from Indiana State Department of Health.
    • For more information regarding Indiana State Department of Health regulations for Farmers Market Vendor go to
  • UPDATE 4/16/2010 – Here is more information regard HBVs (Home Based Vendors) from a Purdue workshop. This document includes examples of foods that may or may not be sold by HBVs as well as other important links and information.