Farm Vendors


Farm Vendors

Farmers are persons who raise produce (vegetables, fruits), herbs, flowers, or nursery crops from seed or plants and care for, cultivate, and harvest the crops offered for sale at the market.  A farm vendor is anyone selling whole foods from their farm or garden.  Whole foods are foods that have not been changed from their original state, such as produce and eggs.   The vendors’ areas of production must be within a 100-mile radius of the Owen County Farmers’ Market.

Selling Eggs at the Farmers’ Market

Requirements for shell eggs sold at a farmers’ market.

  1. Eggs must be clean and sound shelled (cracked eggs removed)
  2. Dealer must be licensed by the Indiana State Egg Board and present license upon request.  **Egg licenses expire June 30, a new license must be acquired for the remainder of the season. The link to apply can be found below.
  3. Eggs must be held under refrigeration at an ambient temperature of no greater than 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Used egg cartons may be used ONLY if relabeled with the name and address of the supplier of eggs.
  5. The pack date and expiration date must appear on each carton. The expiration date is 30 days from the date of the pack.
  6. Eggs must be labeled with their grade, please see the Egg Grading Manual

Contact your local Health Department for any additional requirements. REMEMBER: Shell eggs are an animal protein product, a potentially hazardous food, and require time and temperature control.  For further information, review Rules and Regulations of the Indiana State Egg Board or contact the Indiana State Egg Board at 765-494-8510.


Plant growers must be in possession of plants for at least 60 days prior to sale at the market. Plant receipts may be requested at any time by the Market Manager to verify the length of possession.   If the vendor operates a greenhouse and has a start-to-finish operation farm/operation visits by the standards committee may be made.

Plant growers of woody shrubs must have a valid Nursery License from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources if they are going to sell any annual or perennial plants.

Contact the Market Manager for more information.

Commercially raised mushrooms, including the common button mushroom, portabellas, shiitake, enoki, Bavarian, etc., must have documentation showing their source. Wild mushrooms, such as the morel or sponge mushroom, must be individually inspected and found to be safe by a certified mushroom identification expert, per 410 IAC 7-24-164. For more information, please visit:

Owen County Farmers’ Market and Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP)

The Owen County Farmers’ Market is an approved location for the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP).  If you would like to register to be able to accept WIC and Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program vouchers, please complete the WIC & SNAP Application found below.

More information is also available at the Indiana Department of Health

Please see the vendor page for rules and regulations.

To become a Farm Vendor, please complete a Vendor Application found below.