Meet Market Manager Tamara

Hello, everyone! My name is Tamara Bingham and I am so excited to be the Owen County Farmers Market Manager this year!

Who am I? I’m that crazy lady you’ve seen at your local market, heartily rummaging from booth to booth, buying at least one thing from each vendor, lunging home baskets heavy with more produce than a person can eat, flowers in my hair, munching on fresh-popped kettle corn… Yes, I am that person. I love Farmers Markets.

But, who am I? I grew up in Bloomington. In the early 1990’s, my Husband and I migrated to Sweet Owen with dreams of turning our twenty-two acre property into a working farm. Buzzard Hill Farm is still pretty much just a wild meadow and woodland, home to a few bee hives, a hot peppers garden, rescued animals sanctuary, and an amazing amount of buzzard nests. But, it’s our home and we love it.

I work for the Owen County Prosecutor as a Title IV-D Child Support Caseworker. Many of you may have seen me on stage with the Owen County Civic Theatre, at special Tivoli Theatre events, or read my articles in the Spencer Evening World. I may have been born a Bloomingtonian, but my heart belongs to Sweet Owen.

The Owen County’s Farmers Market is young and growing, and I am so happy to be a part of this growth. Let the Farmers Market season to begin!