Our Mission

Our mission is to provide local producers and their neighbors a gathering place that fosters the connection between our food, our culture, our land, and our environment.

Upcoming Events

June 25, 9-11a Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) registration
July 2, Farm to Table Dinner tickets go on sale
July 30 Kids Day

Visit the Market

8:30am to 12:30pm
May 7-Oct 15 2016
459 W. Morgan St.
Spencer, IN 47460
Next to Babbs Supermarket

Points of Interest

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Our 2016 Silver Corporate Sponsors

A big thanks to our 2016 Silver Corporate Sponsors: Our Community Bank

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Our 2016 Platinum Corporate Sponsors

A very big thanks to our Platinum Corporate Sponsors! SMV Realty, LLC Owen County Farm Bureau     Cook Medical              

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Senior Farmer’s Market Nutritional Program

We do have vendors approved to accept WIC and Senior FMNP vouchers.  Look for vendors with a sign displayed about WIC for those accepting the voucher.  Registration for Vouchers will be June 25 at the market from 9:00 to 11:00 am or at the Whistle Stop starting June 13. To be eligible to receive SFMNP

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The Local Farmers Market is a Great Resource for Healthy Eating

Growing up you may have been told to eat your greens, but what about your reds, oranges, blues and whites? By putting something of every color on your plate or in your lunch bag, you are more likely to eat 5 servings of vegetables and fruits every day. Just think: 1 cup of dark, leafy

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E-New Registration

Register for semi-monthly market happenings E-News letter.

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Projects: Native Beauty Creating a Wildflower Planting

(Printable Native Beauty Creating a Wildflower Planting) You’ve got to hand it to those hardy survivors that manage to thrive in sidewalk cracks, along roadsides, and in wind-blown meadows. They’ve managed to adapt to conditions that our garden plants wouldn’t even consider! And there’s so much they can teach us. Consider enticing your school gardeners to

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2016 Market Vendor Fees

Full Season Spaces are $150 for the full 23 weeks season Seasonal Spaces are $120 for 12 weeks of the season Daily Spaces are $15 for each week you choose to participate 2016 Vendor Application All Artisan Vendors are subject to the craft jury process and only those items approved by the jury may be

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Projects: Creating Herb Gardens

(Printable Creating Herb Gardens)  Inspiring Aromatic Adventures Herbs arouse kids’ curiosity and interest because they thoroughly engage the senses. What better motivator for student investigations than plants that feel cool, smell great, and can turn mere tomatoes into pizza sauce? Their life stories, it turns out, are fascinating too. After all, these humble plants were

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Here are some FAQ regarding farmers markets and gardening Why shop at a Farmers Market? Farmers markets have a number of benefits one in particular being they are a great resource for fresh nutritious foods. As Americans look for healthier options for the dinner table farmers markets can provide a number of fresh fruits, vegetable,

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FAQ Regarding Vending

When must contracts be submitted? Contracts for full, seasonal, or daily vendors must be received at least 48 hr before your first market date. Contacts and payments may be mailed to OCFM, PO Box 650, Spencer, IN 47460 or contracts may be emailed to info@owencountyfarmersmarket.com  with payment made to the Market Master before setting up

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8 Tips to Help You Eat More Vegetables

It’s easy to eat more vegetables! Eating vegetables is important because they provide vitamins and minerals and most are low in calories. To fit more vegetables in your meals, follow these simple tips. It is easier than you may think. Savor the flavor of seasonal vegetables.  Buy vegetables that are in season for maximum flavor

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Farmers Market Fun for Kids

Encourage Healthier Eating Habits Shopping at the local farmers market is a great opportunity to experience new foods and encourage healthier eating habits in children.  When at the market, have children select one new fruit or vegetable they have never had before and then try it in a new recipe at home.  Discuss where the

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Top 5 Reasons to Eat Local Foods

Farmers’ Markets are a great resource of local fresh foods.  Here are 5 reasons to buy local foods. Local Foods are Fresher  The farmers’ market provides you food that has been freshly harvested by local farmers and tastes better than food that has been preserved and transported from thousands of miles away. Local Foods are

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Host a Workshop or Special Activities

We are looking for volunteers to do an education workshop or demonstration during the market season. These workshops could be on gardening, crafts, cooking, raising livestock, nutrition or any educational topic related to the market goals of fosters the connection between our food, our culture, our land and our environment. Contact Andrea at 812.360.1166  to

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Be a Healthy Role Model for Children

You are the most important influence on your child.  You can do many things to help your children develop healthy eating habits for life.  Offering a variety of foods helps children get the nutrients they need from every food group.  They will also be more likely to try new foods and to like more foods. 

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A Look at the First Farm to Table Dinner, September 6, 2014

Saturday, September 6, the Owen County Farmers’ Market had the pleasure of hosting their first annual Farm to Table Dinner. At the heart of the dinner were the ideas to bring the community together and to educate people about the link between farmers, farm communities, and the food we eat. The cool weather was prefect

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